Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

 It is perhaps a sign of desperation engulfing me that I downloaded "Blogging for Dummies" onto my Kindle last week in an effort to gain some more knowledge on the subject with a view to sharpening my writing skills to a point where, one day, I may be able to get something into print that may make some money and let me escape the feeble working world in which I am currently enslaved.

 There were many good tips and I found the book more illuminating than I thought it might be although I don't think I will be on my way to buying a Mercedes Benz as a result of windfalls accrued due to an improvement in my blog writing capabilities anytime soon.

 One thing which was interesting was the idea that pictorial blogs draw more viewers, that is, by adding photos to your blog posts, even if they have little to do with the post itself,  more viewers are drawn to a particular entry. So I tested this theory.

 I perused the assortment of photos downloaded in various files on my computer looking for a little inspiration and came across a photo of my old cat, Bob. Melancholy thoughts instantly filled my head and a flow of words burst forth as I mused about my old feline friend and I thought the resulting post was quite effective. A work colleague who stumbled upon it even complimented me so Bob's inclusion certainly seemed to have a positive effect from the start. Anyone who would like to read the post can find it under the heading, "Bob the Cat".

 I had been having a lean trot with page views, only a dozen or so folk appearing to have read each of my  entries in the weeks leading up to my effort on life with Bob but his picture seemed to have a galvanising effect and there were two and a half times more readers for that particular post than those previous. Did the picture of a beautiful  cat staring lovingly into a camera create more traffic? I'm not sure but initial signs would seem to indicate that it did. More trials need to be scheduled although finding meaningful pictures from the cascading files of useless and silly photos clogging my computer may be the main impediment to future tests.

 The author of "Blogging for Dummies", also indicated that asking viewers what they would like to read about can be an alluring idea so, anyone who would like me to turn my hand to a particular subject, here is your chance. What would you like me to write about?

 There were several other ideas and some enlightening facts about Blogging which I will take on board in an effort to improve myself and my little Internet project to which I am so devoted.

 So, for now, as it is a wonderful day and the thought of riding my bike for an hour or so before being transported once more to "Desolation Island", has entered my head and I must go and test the still air temperature which will be the deciding factor as to whether I go out and do battle with the pedestrians who infest the bike paths.

 Have a nice day.

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