Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Beat Goes On

 I seem to have lost my mojo a little when it comes to blogging. Perhaps a very uninspiring week and a few little problems with household appliances has ground me down, rendering me incapable and unwilling to commit thought to my blog. No matter. I am checking in just to keep my blog up to date. Another strange notation from this laborious life!

 I was notified during the week by the household commander that there was a water leak under the kitchen sink. After quickly running an eye over it, my father and I deduced that the inlet hose of the dishwasher which leads to the cold water tap under the sink was leaking. We believed the washer inside the valve was faulty or worn out and endeavoured in vain to source another one. Far simpler to replace the washer than to call out an appliance repairman to come and give his appraisal and labour.

 Well, have you ever tried to find such a washer for a valve from a inlet hose on a Miele dishwasher?! Virtually impossible and the last roll of the dice was to ring the advertised service agent and ask him if he stocked the aforementioned item. He assured me that inlet hoses never leak and he had not seen one do so in the thirty years he had been in the business. Hmmm. Back to square one and a closer inspection of the problem was needed.

 Eventually we realised that it was in fact the tap on the sink leaking and a quick call to a friendly plumber who my father knows saw us on the right track. I hope. The plumber concerned is notorious for not turning up when he is supposed to but I must say he always gets the job done eventually. So I will wait with baited breath for his appearance next week and for our little problem, which stretched my patience over three days, to abate.

 So I relaxed, thinking all my problems have been solved and the dishwasher question has been taken out of the equation. Wrong! I switched it on this morning only to find a red light signalling another problem had lit up. It was only after some amount of thought was put into my dilemma that I identified the light as referring to the aforementioned inlet hose and it dawned on me that I perhaps hadn't turned the tap back on when reattaching the hose. Doh! So, the problem was quickly solved and the dishwasher is now humming away merrily and I was able to retire to my computer and attempt to stifle this writers bloc which has dissuaded me from adding to my blog this week.

 As always, the beat goes on and the rhythm of life continues unabated and unencumbered by forces physical or mental, like a clock counting time in this cycle of life. This realm we inhabit continues it's flow and we simply hang on as we are swept along through the canyons of time.

 It's beautiful day here in Canberra and wherever you are I hope you are experiencing the same. Have a nice weekend.

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