Saturday, 22 June 2013

One Blink.....and It's Gone!

 It's just after midday and the house is quiet and I am sitting alone here at the computer in the dining room contemplating life and all it holds, good and bad. I am the solitary occupant of this abode for the moment, the others who inhabit this space having found more worthwhile things to do through these waking hours.

 I have vacuumed through the house but I have more to do. A load of wet washing is sitting in the sink in the small cavity which passes for a laundry to my left, calling my name, waiting for me to hang it on the line. The dishwasher is half unpacked, the lure of the computer too much for me to ignore, and a line of dishes, knives and other paraphernalia required for us to eat and survive queue on the bench-top overhead, like passengers at Flinders Street station waiting to get aboard their late train.

 My parents and others will be attending dinner with us tonight and it has occurred to me that the dust encrusted vanity in the bathroom will need to be cleaned as will the toilet. Nothing screams slovenliness like a  squalid throne-room! I will get to it shortly.

 It's been a hard week mentally and physically and I enjoy the serenity of the few hours I have alone knowing that I will not be required to rouse myself for another eight hour assault at the "Happiness Factory". The weekends are great but they fly too quickly. One blink and it's gone!

 The peculiar rant of our stand in leading hand was the notable aspect of the week, exhorting staff to a greater effort whilst conspicuously being absent when his presence is required later in the day. An easy going fellow most of the time but one who can easily rub me the wrong way. I hold my tongue as hard as that is to achieve. One word in dissent and the avalanche starts. I will leave my withering bursts for another time when their impact will count for more. The frustration borne of being surrounded by those who know nothing but think they know all is like a stake being driven through my body. Perhaps I overate myself?

 Lack of staff bedevils us and there is no relief on the horizon. Like redcoats at Isandhwana, surrounded by the Zulu horde, we must stand firm and fall like stones, each in his place. The day will come when the work will overwhelm our pitiful numbers. I look to the horizons and hear a challenge coming from afar but the chasm is too great to leap. The coming week shall be even worse.

 And so I take heart in this Saturday and the soothing beat it provides which smothers my soul and reinvigorates me for the battle ahead. Three months until my European jaunt and counting. The metronomic cadence of the minutes are no comfort. The days pass one by one in the same steady rhythm. I can't control them nor should I be able to.

 The sky is starting to cloud over and perhaps rain is coming but it can't put a dampener on my happy day away from the rest of the world. My work awaits. Thy will be done.

 Have a happy day.

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