Thursday, 18 July 2013

Back with a Vengeance!

 I'm back! A mere twenty four hours after almost chopping my blog off at the knees I am back with a new outlook on life and a new sense of purpose.  Why should I stop writing my blog? Why am I so worried about what others who don't deserve the time of day may think? I have done nothing to anyone. My thoughts are legitimate and nothing that those concerned weren't aware of before I wrote them down.

 Of course I must pay lip service to the wishes of the person closest to me and so I must make some changes to the way I share for a while in order to please the lady in my life. I will not be posting this blog on Facebook or Twitter for the time being. This means that it is likely no-one will bother reading it and while that is a shame it may be that I can be more incisive with comment than I have been able to be previously. Perhaps using it more as a diary or journal will be more soothing to my soul rather than writing things which shallow, self-absorbed people don't understand or aren't able to contextualise

 It will be interesting to note just how many people do drop by and I can check these things via the statistical count which is attached to the dashboard of the blog and I also have the site running through Google analytics which gives some interesting feedback on just who is perusing my ramblings.

 My mother sent me a very nice message last night and as usual nailed a few home truths to the wall very simply and in a few words. She is very perceptive and has always been a hard one to put anything over on and can sense out a situation and just what is involved in any fracas with the expertise of an ASIO code cracker. But her words, which shall remain private, empowered me and while driving home the realisation that I would miss my writing hit me and I felt this situation should not stand. So here I am.

 Life can be hard and frustrating at times. I was asked by a workmate the other day if I ever missed my old life and thinking about it I often do. Being able to go home to my own house after a long day and do my own thing without a care in the world was a luxury and every now and then my mind wanders back to those days and I remember the pleasing part of living on my own. Of course the flipside, the loneliness which solitary dwelling can cause is easily ignored when current travails allow my thoughts to drift back to those sleepy days of yore in Stanfield Close. But I am happy where I am at the moment.  The positives far outweigh the other as it stands at the moment and life will continue happily for the most part from here on in I'm sure.

 And so I will continue on as before. Just a little more quietly. And, if by chance you stumble upon this blog and feel you would like to keep up with me as I negotiate this laborious life, register your email address and my new notations shall pop up as they are written and you won't miss a thing! Until then, have a nice day.

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