Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Seizing the Moment

 It's been a week since my last entry and although the urge to write has struck me from time to time over the past seven days, the physical ability to sit down and put a few thoughts together has eluded me due to a variety of factors.

 My father has been here doing some much needed renovations on my garage which involved lots of digging. He did the vast majority of the hard labour which meant shovelling five feet of dirt from a rotting retaining wall but I did my share and on top of the hard work at my regular place of employment, I was left rather weary with aching muscles and a  weary mind and body.

 The weekend is always a clarion call for those of us who like to relax and refresh but again I found no solace as there was some cleaning up to do around the house and I think Linda wondered at my laboured efforts to help. I figured it was no point explaining that I was tired from digging ditches and did my best to assist but it was not my best effort and I was glad when the day was done and I could lay my head down to sleep.

  Sunday gifted me a lazy morning but we were soon out to lunch with friends and the day easily shifted to evening and I was back at the starting line of the working week before I really knew it. Such is life. Relaxing but the weekends fly too eagerly.

 I have taken the blows that Monday can bring and find myself with an easy hour or two here on Tuesday morning in which I can reflect before the onslaught starts anew.

 The first day of the working week held no surprises for me. Our supervisor, newly returned from an eight week sabbatical has quickly returned to the hang-dog look and woebegone attitude he regularly wore before his departure and the omnipresent annoyance provided by our manager is as intense as ever and is threatening to overwhelm the patience and good humour of those who labour under his managership.

 I made it through another reasonably tough day intact however and this morning has dawned bright and cheery with no sign of the rain which was predicted. Perhaps it will come later. My father has returned and is out the back working on the garage yet again, finishing a small task however there is still much to do before we can say our work is complete. He would give me a serve if he knew I was in here typing on the computer rather than finding something more constructive to do.

 And so, with that thought I will leave this short note as it now is and see if I can help the old fellow out in anyway although my constructive efforts usually turn out to very pitiful indeed and there is not much I can do which he can't handle better himself. I think he prefers me to observe rather than participate!

 And so I wish you all well wherever you may be and hope you have a great day. Take care.

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