Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Last Farewell?

 This may be my last blog post. Yes, I am seriously considering packing away my thoughts and feelings and leaving them to myself from here on in. Too much hassle, too much worry  trying not to insult people or get in trouble for saying something innocuous that others take out of context. The last farewell? Well, maybe.

 I've lead a charmed life. Blessed by being born into a good family and given a good upbringing, lucky enough to get a steady job, however boring, which has paid my way through life. Nothing has ever really happened to me, despite the odd hiccup, which has caused me lasting damage or had a detrimental effect on my life. It's been gravy nearly all the way. And still is.

 I have never been a go getter. I have preferred that life just happen to me rather than going out and chasing any sort of dream. I have no regrets about that. It's the way I am and I'm comfortable with it. But I have been a bit bland and boring all my life. A little shy and introverted. Struggled to cement friendships. I have nothing to say in person that is at all interesting or that others might find enthralling. Again, it's no worry to me. I learnt to like myself many moons ago. But I always had a hankering to make a mark in some small way. Thus, I began blogging!

 I always knew I had a bit of knack for writing. I think too much and the connection between head and mouth is often clogged and the silly things can often find voice while the things I should be saying usually get stuck in the mud, never to see the light of day, leaving me to be regarded by many as aloof and indifferent. Writing gives me that voice which I have never had. But it is starting to cause me some problems.

 What can you write about if you can't write about friends, family, work? Sure, you can write about adventures and travels and I sometimes do and occasionally I will vent about an issue or write about sport or something historical which has always taken my interest. But no one much likes that sort of personal opinion. I don't work for Rupert Murdoch so I try to leave uninformed opinion pieces off my blog for the most part.

 I did consider blogging on cycling and nothing else but I am too interested in other things going on in the world to bother with just a blog about one thing and there are plenty of other people about who write better stuff on the sport than I ever could. I did consider an anonymous blog but linking it to my Facebook and Twitter accounts would make it very obvious who was behind such an enterprise. So it leaves me in a bit of a bind.

 Yesterday I wrote a blog about family. A slice of life. Meant to be an innocuous piece. Of course the jungle drums began to beat from Belconnen to Queanbeyan and back to Wanniassa and I got home to find myself about as popular as someone who has passed wind at a Tupperware party. And so it got me thinking.

 I can't write about such things as family without causing offence. I can't write about work without the fear of being dismissed. I don't want to make a habit of writing about politics because everyone is different and is entitled to their own opinion. I can't be bothered writing endlessly about sport. Which kind of leaves me nowhere. So I think the best thing to do is to close down my blog.

 I won't take the site down. My writings will still be here for the anthropologists of the future to dissect if they feel the need. They may find these strange notations from a laborious life to have some value as a glimpse into the past as they gaze back at us from somewhere in the future. Or perhaps others currently surfing the internet may find something interesting in my utterances.

 I will just have to find my creative outlet elsewhere. Another patch of dirt to mark my ground. I can't definitively say this is it. But it really isn't worth the hassle anymore.

 So, if this does turn out to be my last farewell, I want to thank those who have read my blog from start to finish and passed on their encouragement and best wishes. It has been much appreciated and I am glad you have enjoyed it.

 And so I venture on into the future and wish you all the best and hope you find your own little place in life where you can make your mark. Take care and have a nice day.

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