Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Gathering Gloom

 Abbott? Rudd? Are these the best we have? The narcissist from Queensland and the misogynist thug from the North Shore? God save us!

 There is a rich vein of mediocrity running through this nation at the moment and it seems the majority of the people who live, work and vote in this country are happy to go along operating at a level which is below optimum. It really annoys me.

 Our sporting teams are being smashed. The leading lights of business seem to be a bunch of sociopaths. Our politicians, those who are supposed to show vision and leadership seem to merely operate in a thought bubble, uttering the first words which come into their heads and only looking for a way to buy another vote. Damn the country! They only care about being elected! Where is the quality in public life? Why are we putting up with second best?

 There seems to be a trickle down effect which soaks into the lives of the minnows such as myself who have to put up with working in a rudderless ship day after day, patience tested, irritability increasing. Why is a nation as great as Australia, a home to 23 million people which was carved out of the scrub and made into one of the richest countries on earth, suffering such a torpor of leadership?

 Lead me. Inspire me. Just don't bore me!

 I lean to the left politically. I know that I am better off when a Labour government is in power. I honestly believe that the labour movement drags the country forward socially and economically. I believe unions have had a positive effect on the nation. I am a product of the working class and I am proud of it. So why do I find Kevin Rudd such an anathema?

 Could it be his vanity? His character? The fact he undermined a Labour Prime Minister and is the major contributor to the flagging fortunes of his party in this election campaign? All of the above? I find him to be a very mediocre leader indeed. But don't get me started on the other bloke!

 If I had been told ten years ago that Tony Abbott would end up Prime Minister of Australia I would have laughed in your face and called you a loon. If ever there was a man who should be unelectable to the highest office in the land it is Tony Abbott. Perhaps it only radiates the mediocrity of the nation of which I have been speaking?

 I detest Tony Abbott for many reasons. He is a conduit for big business. A man of dubious character. A denier of all I believe in. A man who derides the opposition in shrill tones, hawking a negativity and vindictiveness which has rarely been seen in Australian politics. A man who criticises policy as poor yet will happily foist on the public the biggest dog of a program in our nation's history. A paid parental leave scheme which is nothing more than vote buying, middle class welfare which people like myself will have to pay for until I turn up my toes. Bad for the economy. Bad for our future.  But the lambs in the suburbs will follow him to the slaughterhouse. Well good luck. I won't be held to account for it.

 The thing I detest most about Tony Abbott is that he has never worked a real job in his life. Never had dirt on his hands. Never felt a callous growing on his palm from hard work. Never chaffed from sweat from working hour after hour in a tedious glaze, waiting for the end of the day to come. No, from University to the seminary, to political adviser has been the road this odious one has travelled. What does he know or care about me? Nothing. As useless a creature that has ever run for high office is he. And don't start me on his frequent appearances in lycra!

 This is where we are at. A crossroads in our national life and one can only hope the gathering gloom is merely the darkest hour before the dawn. The evil empire is almost upon us again but our knight in shining armour, come to rescue us is nowhere to be seen.

 The sky will not fall in no matter what the election result. I will survive no matter what vacuous character occupies the lodge. I only hope this is a turning point in our history and the skies will begin to clear once more and sunnier days lie ahead.

 Let's leave mediocrity behind. Let's give the underdog a chance for you never know what ability he may have. Let's be positive and look forward and strive to end the mediocrity which seems to have us trapped. It may be a hard road for a few years but I am sure, in the end, we will find the light.

 Keep calm and have a nice day.

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