Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Back in Olde England

 One of my closest friends sent me an email while I have been away from home and hearth wondering if I was still alive as I have not updated my blog for some weeks. She is not on Facebook so has not been following my progress via photo album uploads. So, for anyone wondering if I have dropped off the face of the Earth, the answer is no!

 I have not had much time to spare on my jaunt through Europe and the United Kingdom and for the first time in several weeks I have managed to open my page and jot down a few words, not that this will be a masterclass in blog writing, merely a check-in.

 I have reached the last stage of my trip and am currently reclining as I write in a bed and breakfast establishment in Ross-on-Wye, just across the border from Wales, in fact quite close to the home of the the Special Air Service in Hereford.

 I have almost exactly a week to go before boarding an aircraft back to Australia and reality where I will face the consequences that arise from my car breaking down two days before I was due to fly out and face the prospect of returning to a crappy job that is getting worse by the day. Better live it up for the next few days!

 Since my last entry I have caught a very fast train from London to Brussels. I have seen the seedy backblocks of Amsterdam and neat villages of Germany. I have marvelled at the jaw dropping scenery of Austria and the craziness and majesty of Italy and her ancient ruins from where a once mighty empire was ruled by some of the greatest men who have ever lived.

 I have crossed Lake Lucerne and ridden the world's only open top Gondola to the sky and rejoiced in the asymmetric beauty of Paris and took delight in enjoying a cabaret show where gorgeous women unashamedly flaunted their sexuality in the most liberated country on the planet.

 And now I am back in England having briefly passed through the green tinged valleys of Wales today and will journey on to the Cotswolds and it's thatched roofs and deserted country lanes tomorrow and meander my way to Scotland by the end of the week.

 Linda and I have enjoyed our trip but home is looming on the horizon and I feel the pull of the Great South Land but the fat lady is yet to sing. Seven days to go but I am not counting. I will be home in my sunburnt country soon enough.

 Take care and I will be back again soon.

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