Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Flogging the Dead Horse

 It's a beautiful day. There is not a cloud in the sky and the misty blue heavens are bathed in sunlight which splashes on my face as if a waterfall of warmth is flowing over my countenance, refreshing me, reminding me of why it is great to be alive.

 There are many things I could or should be doing. I have been meaning to clean my mountain bike, oil it's chain, check it's vital mechanics and of course, ride it. I could be cleaning up the backyard or taking rubbish to the tip or cleaning the scraps of last night's dinner off plates and repacking the dishwasher. Alas, I am consumed by inertia and dare I say, laziness.

 I'm tired. I'm sore. Those who think workers such as I spend our days talking and procrastinating need to accompany me for a few hours each evening on my shift to find out just what we do and how it affects us.

 My shoulder, raw from work, has troubled me for months;six weeks away did nothing to let it heal and now the pain has invaded my forearm making life all the more difficult considering the job I am required to do.

 My back hurts. My nose is running. The furry feeling at the back of my throat is signalling the oncoming rush of a cold. Is it any wonder I am sitting back and enjoying the majesty of a magnificent Canberra day?

 I like this time of day. Peace and tranquillity abounds and I am required to do not much at all. Work is hours away. I can relax. Bliss. There are no regrets in letting my chores slide.

 I've quickly returned to the groove at work but there is an extra knife in my eye or so it seems. The boredom. God, the boredom. I am almost at the end of my tether with boredom. I watch the clock like a scientist stares through a magnifying glass at the microscopic body of a newly discovered bug, waiting, watching for the end of day which I know will come but only after a seemingly interminable wait.

 I think about blowing it off for the day but if I I declared myself absent every time I felt like it I would never be there! Better to stride the road to Calvary once more than to take my leave and the easy way out. Days like today just make the idea of being cooped up inside all the more displeasurable.

 It certainly doesn't help when we change the way we do things without thought of consultation with those who are at the sharp end and find we are navigating our way through a disaster not of our making and are told the change is good for us when clearly we have been landed in a pot stew which should not be for human consumption. But enough of that. I make my bed. I lie on it.

 And so the clock ticks down. By 11am reality is beginning to bite. I have to move and begin to be positive. The day is in full swing and leisure time steals away and reluctance grips me but I know I must move on and keep flogging the dead horse.

 But for a brief, shining moment I shall remain and enjoy the sunshine and tranquillity while I can. It is all too quickly reefed from my grasp. So be it. This life goes on.

 Take care and have a nice day. 

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