Monday, 20 January 2014

Grey Days and Mondays

 I have just noticed I am decked out in grey from head to foot. Appropriate really. Grey clothes match the grey day which matches my grey mood. I have to go back to work today!

 Yes, the gruelling ascent up the stony road of my working year begins this afternoon and I know exactly what awaits me. Tedium and boredom and one can only hope God endows me with the strength and patience to see it all through until this time next year.

 The same old people. The obnoxious characters, those with personality disorders, those who can't be bothered and the few who are worth my time will all be waiting for me. And that's before I have to deal with the appalling ones who have charge over the place.

 It's great to have a steady job, it really is but it seems that the character and competency of the place is sliding slowly into a greasy mire and the few who care are being dragged in, kicking and screaming with it.

 The stark reality that the proletariat, the cogs in the cluster at the heart of the machine without whom there would be no forward motion really don't amount to much in the minds of those who are at the ultimate end of the food chain.

 I had declared to myself that 2014 would be different. I would not let myself fall any further into the bottomless pit of apathy. I would set myself apart and forge a path. Alas, I seem to have reached a sheer cliff face!

 Of course I make it sound worse than it really is. There are times when it can be quite amusing and entertaining. Days go by and I think how easy it is to work there and the responsibility which lies in the hands of my superiors isn't something that I would like to be saddled with myself. It's just that I seem to be fading to grey.

 I am perturbed because I don't know what the future holds. I will survive no matter what but the uncertainty which hovers like a the guillotine above us is making us nervous. No one wants to be stuck working the waking hours in mindless labour for the rest of eternity. But the pinprick of light which is our escape valve to a higher plane is getting smaller by the second.

 The responsibility for my apparent state of suspended animation is mine alone. Things are poorly where work is concerned but not so bad as to give me and others in the same boat the final nudge over the wall of doubt which we need.

 2014, here we come! I will make the most of it as I can.

 Have a great day.

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