Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Strange Notation from a Dreary Saturday Evening.

 It's a dull and dreary Saturday afternoon here in the quiet corner of the Australian Capital Territory. A warm and sunny morning has given way to thunderstorms and showers, a fitting weekend to follow up the poor weather we had for most of the working week.

 I managed to perform what is becoming my normal Saturday morning ritual and play tennis before the rain set in. Three sets and I am feeling it this afternoon as a result.

 I think the exercise has been doing me good. My waistline which has been expanding over the last couple of years to a circumference which I have never before experienced is suddenly shrinking and my shorts are falling off me! I am constantly hungry and I do seem to be getting a little more athletic on the tennis court although I can't be bothered running much anymore. I find myself advancing on the net and plonking myself in the middle of the court trying to intercept missiles as they attempt to escape my grasp. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but it has been more fun than I expected it to be when I started what has become a routine. I think we are playing again tomorrow, weather permitting.

 I always get a bit down at this time on a Saturday afternoon. We are approaching dusk and have nearly reached the halfway point of the weekend. The sun has barely set on the last working week and the lights of Monday morning are starting to appear on the horizon. Woe is me!

 The only solution is to live the weekends as best I can and arrive at work next week fresh and happy. I think living well does make the working days more bearable. Being positive helps when you look down the long road of the day and count the minutes until you are released. Starting with an angry cap on only makes the experience more gruesome than it already is. Relax. Be happy. Sometimes it's hard but it certainly helps if you can manage it.

 I would love to ride my bike more but as I get older the inclination to turn the pedals over strikes me less and less. There is more traffic on the streets, more pedestrians on bike paths, more hassle if you ride on the roads and a similar amount of aggravation traversing the "shared paths", dodging walkers, joggers, roller bladers, dogs, toddlers and ladies pushing the latest in heavy duty prams. No wonder mountain biking is so popular!

 So, playing tennis on the weekends is not only good and relaxing fun it is a workout in the absence of any other form of excercise during the week.  And my backhand is getting better!

 My last couple of posts have not had many page views which is disappointing. "Dallying in the Dales" received only a dozen hits and the post before only a few more than that. It is the nature of the beast when you Blog but I guess the underlying vanity of the author finds him wishing that a larger number would read his work.

 I wonder if my "photo of the day" Blogs have tried the patience of those who regularly read my entries? I am open to suggestions for improvements or ideas for new posts. Feel free to contact me.

 Today is merely a filler; no photos or grand stories shall be told. Just checking in a dreary day when there is nothing much to do but reflect on life.

 I hope wherever you are you are enjoying your weekend and manage to find time for fun, family and friends for they are the lifeblood of our existence. Until next time. Take care. 

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