Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hanging in Hobbiton

 I have been doing quite a bit of writing lately. I made eleven entries on my Blog in March, equalling my record for the most number of posts in a month and I wrote my "not for publication" short story which took up quite a bit of my time last week and ended up stretching to 24 pages!

 This hasn't equated to great viewing numbers, page views being well down over the last couple of weeks, but I will keep Blogging, keep chronicling my life and putting my thoughts down.

 I did start my entry today with a diatribe about work and how dreadful it is but I figure no one really wants to read about such stuff and it is all a bit repetitive. Been there done that. I hate it. Everyone knows it. Let's move on. So I deleted it and started again.

  The trouble today is, although I am keen to write, after my prolific efforts of the last month I just can't seem to get going and put much of interest down.

 I thought about writing of the 50th birthday party I went to on Saturday night but nothing of note really happened there so, although it was very pleasant and I enjoyed it, nothing worth writing about or anything which may enthral potential readers occurred.

 I thought about writing of the Tour of the Basque Country, a professional bike race being run in Spain at the moment which features a number of Australian, Cadel Evans among them, but thought, as I wasn't there and really can't describe the race in detail, there wasn't much point in it.

 There is always politics but I have tried to steer clear of that lately as everyone has their own views, all of which are legitimate according to their own personal taste and my dislike of the current Prime Minister of Australia discolours and distorts anything I write on the subject.

 World events is another area I have occasionally ventured into but the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine is something I have already broached on this Blog and there is more than enough news on Malaysian Airlines and their missing plane doing the rounds on the television, radio and the net. No need for my uninformed opinions adding to the morass.

 There is the Australian Writer's Centre Blog contest but again, there is nothing much else I can say about it except to remind you all to remember to vote for me in the People's Choice section!

 The address is www.surveymonkey.com/s/BAB2014. Follow the instructions, you will have to stroll through four or five pages to get to the "S" section which, obviously, Strange Notations from a Laborious Life is in, and you will have to give your email address. Don't fear, this is simply so they know you are a human and not spam. Your email address will not be stored for future reference.

 So, really, it is leaving my virtual world here in this little space looking sparse.

 Never fear! To conclude today's post I am publishing another "Photo of the Day" which I am sure everyone will enjoy. And history says more people read Blog posts with pictures than those without. So here goes.

The photo in question is now quite a few years old. It's 2007 and anyone with a sharp eye or keen knowledge of movie history will know where it was taken. The Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand which was used in Lord of the Rings!

 Plenty of people love the books on which the movies are based and there is a legion of followers of the films so, for those who might want to know, I will run you through the panorama behind the spot on which Linda and I are standing.

 The tree in the centre left is the "Party Tree" and anyone who has seen the movies will know what I am talking about. Just behind us, on the face of the hill on which we are standing, not visible to the camera are the "Hobbit Holes" where those minuscule creatures of Middle Earth make their homes and the lake in the middle is also featured in the movie, a bridge being constructed over it and Hobbiton's local tavern being built on it's foreshore. Historic stuff!

 The story goes that Peter Jackson, director of Lord of the Rings, was flying his light plane over the luscious green fields of the North Island of New Zealand when he spotted this exact area and when he landed, found his way to the property on which it is situated and found the local farmer in his house watching the All Blacks play a Rugby Union Test match. Now for anyone who has never been to New Zealand or who knows nought of that fair land, I will tell you, Rugby Union is nothing short of a religion for most of it's denizens. And the All Blacks, the national Rugby Union team who are the best in the world, are the deities to whom they give their allegiance

 Mr Jackson was told in no uncertain terms to come back when the Rugby was over and no doubt being a very determined man, did just that. History will tell you that Lord of the Rings was a massive success and no doubt the Cocky made himself a nice little sum and continues to do so on the back of visitors like us arriving in his remote paddock to ogle his grass and cows!
And, for good measure, here is Linda and I photographed by our tour guide from inside Bilbo Baggins Hobbit House with the Party Tree in the background.

 The set was used again for the latest instalment in the Tolkien movie franchise, "The Hobbit", so I dare say Mr Farmer made quite a bit more out of that again. Good luck to him.

 And so, that is where I will leave my own thoughts for the day as there is much to do and little time to do it before I must leave for that dreadful place full of those dreadful people and wile the hours away in God-awful tedium.

 As for anyone out reading this, I hope no such travails blight your travels for the day and I wish you all the best for whatever the day may bring.

 Have a good one!

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