Saturday, 5 April 2014

Vote 1! Strange Notations from a Laborious Life

 I wrote a post last Saturday evening which mentioned how bad the weather was but a week on it is, unbelievably, worse than that today. We have had steady and at times heavy rain for days. I am seriously considering hiring someone to build an Ark in the back yard!

 As I look out the window it is still raining lightly and the hills are shrouded in showers and although there appears to be some higher, lighter cloud to the east, I think the weather is coming from the opposite direction where it still looks dark and ominous.

 Linda has abandoned me for the weekend, chuffing off to the coast with a friend and, whilst not here alone, my stepdaughter and her boyfriend being in residence, I have been left to my own devices for the next two days.

  I have been invited to a 50th birthday party tonight but I am seriously considering blowing it off. I know that is not a very gracious thing to do and I appreciate being invited and the fellow concerned is someone I have known since I started work 27 years ago but it is one of those situations where I won't know many people apart from a few colleagues and walking into a party alone can be a daunting experience when friends in attendance are few.

 I have a all day to decide what to do but I am leaning towards going, even just for an hour or so.

 So, what to do today?

 I think outdoor activity will only be wishful thinking and I am thanking the stars I managed to get the lawn mowed on Tuesday as it has grown a couple of inches in the days since and would have been a ripe old mess today if I had not gotten it done.

 I have a bit of computer work to do and I can hear the sniggers as you all probably think I never get off the computer anyway and what sort of work could I possibly have to do on a Saturday, right?

 Well, one thing I really have to do is promote this Blog because, as many of you will know, I have entered Australia's Best Blogs 2014, a competition run by the Australian Writer's Centre and I am entered in the People's Choice section which requires votes from the average punter in order for me to get ahead.

 I don't hold out any great hope that I will win a prize in either the competitive category or People's Choice section but it is a bit of fun and will occupy my time on a sad and wet Saturday.

 For anyone who may be interested in voting for me, hint, hint, there is and address for the competition website which is Follow the prompts and alphabetical list until you find Strange Notations from a Laborious Life and vote! Simple as that.

 You can only vote once but I will investigate a little bit further and see if one can enter a single vote every day. Please forgive me promoting myself. It may get a little monotonous as I pop up on Facebook pages and Twitter feeds over the next couple of weeks, urging you to vote yet again but if you are not in it with enthusiasm then there is no point being in it at all. Right?

 That is where I will leave it for today but I will be back before you know it and perhaps I will rummage through my collection of photographs and find one for my next post which some may find appealing.

 Take care and have a great weekend and remember to vote!

 PS: How wrong can a person be? It appears the weather is coming from the east and clearing a little! Don't rely on me for your weather forecast. Bye.

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