Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Oh, Melbourne

I haven't asked permission of my lovely better half if I am permitted to put this photo of her on my blog but there it is and if she is worried or annoyed I will delete it accordingly.

 She is a pretty good sport and I don't think she will mind and I thought it was a bit different to having some shot of myself as I usually do as my "photo of the day".

 The photo was taken last Saturday when we were in Melbourne to attend an AFL game at the MCG and we spent our time before the match perusing the environs of the Fitzroy Gardens in East Melbourne, right on the edge of Melbourne city proper.

  We stayed in Richmond, just near the ground and joined the Tiger faithful as they streamed into the MCG in the late afternoon for their match against Greater Western Sydney, a team struggling to find it's feet in the AFL.

 The bandstand in the photo above was built in the 1860's and I thought a shot from it, of Linda, looking back towards Melbourne's modern skyline added a nice touch to an historic piece of the city which has been in place a long time and seen it all as time has flown by. To the right is a shot of the full structure with the apartments of East Melbourne creeping into the background.

 I've never been particularly fond of big cities and their crowds and the fast paced lifestyles of those who inhabit the central business districts of metropolitan Australia and I certainly could never see myself living in the outer suburbs of such a place. Traffic, noise, vice and the crush of people in large cities seem to twist my senses and I am much more at home and at ease in our easygoing national capital where almost everything and everyone I may ever need is within a twenty minute drive from where I live.

 That being said, the Victorian era homes which proliferate through East Melbourne, Richmond, Collingwood, Carlton and other inner suburbs of the great southern metropolis are handsome abodes and if I lived in one and worked in the city, the need to own a gas guzzling, environmentally unsound piece of machinery designed to transport me from here to there would be negated. Shanks pony or tram would surely be the way to travel. Now, if someone could spare me a million quid to buy such a home then I will be on my way! Oh, and find me a job too please?!

 And at last, a photo of myself in one of the cobbled back lanes which retain so much character and hold so much history from our past. You didn't think I could put photos up and not show one of myself did you?

 All in all we had a lovely trip to Melbourne viewing the football, taking in the sights and sounds of the city, attending the theatre, riding trams and enjoying all this great town has to offer. Maybe you should try it some day?

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