Monday, 15 September 2014

Another Strange Notation

 Not much happening in my laborious life except much of the same which passes for my existence day by day, moment by moment. I have nothing much to say today. I'm just checking in, updating my blog and getting along with my regular routine.

 I'm actually in the process of tidying up the little hidey hole in my room where my computer is stored and where all my bits and pieces, documentation concerning my financial welfare stretching back years and other odds and ends are shoved in confusing style in shelves above it.

 I had this notion of creating a "writer's studio" but there really isn't any room in other parts of the house and the process of creating such a space may be seen by other members of the household as being a bit silly. So, short of commandeering a room for my own personal use, I feel I should create my own little working space, at least set it up a little better than it has been over the past few years, get it in some order and kid myself that I have my own creative space right there in my bedroom. My own little cubicle!

 Of course you may be sitting in the comfort of your own home right now reading this and guffawing at the notion that I might want or need a writer's studio given that I am far from being a professional author but we all have dreams and I feel a creative space which enhances my imagination and gives me the wherewithal to write can only be encouraging. I write to find my own little place in the world. You are welcome to join me on my literary journey such as it is, at your pleasure.

 I also had years of pay slips and tax office documents, superannuation advice and a myriad of other odds and ends which I really didn't need anymore clogging up my shelves and I have taken action to remedy that situation and put my affairs in order so as to anything I want at a moment's notice is on hand and easy to find when I need it. I have thrown much of what I don't need anymore into the garbage although I didn't check the stuff as well as I should;there is after-all 20 years of papers collated in those old shoe boxes and I can't be bothered going through it to see if there is anything in there I may still need. Let's hope it is all surplus to requirements!

 It has been a sparse week for excitement. Work has been busy and blighted by lack of staff and panicky supervisors. We also have our share of know-alls and annoying people traipsing the floor and it is all I can do to hold my tongue in some instances when the cold wind of annoyance tickles my neck and I feel I have to say my piece and let those who aggravate me know what I am really thinking. I have behaved myself and acted like a perfect comrade, nodding and agreeing with those who want to lead and ignoring the jibes from those who want to be silly But it is hard sometimes.

 I also bought a new suit yesterday. It's actually the first suit I have ever purchased as there is not much need in my life now or ever to be too mockered up at any particular time. I have owned a suit before which had been given to me but it was double breasted and I really didn't like it so I gave it away. I have always had a good pair of pants and good shirts so I could pass myself off at likely functions as someone of good grace and upbringing who knows how to dress appropriately but never have I had a suit which I myself have paid for.

 Three shops, lots of change rooms and some hassle ensued but I finally got something that I, and more importantly Linda, was happy with.

 Why do I need a suit? Well, my step daughter is taking the plunge in a couple of weeks and getting married so I thought it was about time I tried to look my best. You never know when a suit may be handy in anycase. As I get older I am finding weddings and funerals are becoming more commonplace in my life. At least I will be able to attend and appear at such ceremonies with some sartorial splendour.

 And now, with nothing much more to say, I should really clean up the junk I have left on my bedroom floor and restore it to some order. Then it is off to work and more of the same drudgery I encounter every week. So be it.

 Have a great day and thank you for reading this strange notation from a laborious life. 

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