Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!!! I am being a little self-indulgent and including a selfie of myself on my page tonight. Hope you have put the kids to bed so they don't see it as you may be up all night rescuing them from resulting nightmares!

 A new day, a new dawn, a new year and I am starting fresh. The reset button has been hit and I am looking forward to making some gains in life from here. January 1 is almost over as I write which means there are only 364 chances to make a difference before this year ends. It will be gone before you know it so get cracking!

 I am no party animal so the dying moments of 2014 were spent in bed although I was awake as the clock ticked over and the last grains of sand fell through the hour glass and somewhere in Tuggeranong there was a loud explosion of fireworks which sounded like a mob was trying to break through my front door!

 Vikings Erindale is within earshot of my house and there where cheers and jeers and bells and whistles as the new year broke although the glee and euphoria seemed to last but a short time before Wanniassa was once more sleeping peacefully.

 I was up early in order to get over to Gunghalin which is almost the far side of the world for us Tuggeranongoans. Linda and I had an appointment to play tennis against her son-in-law and his mate who are both in their mid-twenties and they sure gave us a work-around for a couple of hours. Consequently I have been in and out of delirium for most of the day and sit here bone tired as I write.

 So, what has 2015 have in store for me? Work, travel and at this stage a safe, balanced and secure journey through the year. I am tramping in New Zealand in March and after that the canvas is blank and I hope to fill it with some colour and light and stray from my professional path which is getting dingier with each passing work day.

 I hope to be more creative and to keep my blog up to date and I hope my regular readers will stay the journey with me and encourage friends to read anything of value they deem worthy on this site. The more the merrier and I welcome polite and constructive feedback on anything I write.

 So, the first day of the new year slides away and I hope it has been a good one for all and sundry. I am feeling positive and I hope you are too. Take care and have a good evening and I will be back again in short time.

 Good night.

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