Saturday, 17 January 2015

Starting Fresh/Losing Interest

 Long-time followers and lurkers may notice a new background photo on my blog today. It is the British Houses of Parliament for those who don't recognize it, a lovely photo taken from across the Thames which flows majestically through the foreground of the photo.

 Seeing it is a new year I was going to revamp my blog and use a new design from the templates Blogger supplies and a photo from my own collection but it all got too hard. I started fresh and quickly lost interest.

 The photos of mine which Linda or I have taken which I store on our computer are too large to load onto my page and I couldn't be bothered re-formatting one of them so a Blogger supplied photo on my regular template it is. Maybe I should pay for my own domain and design a page I want? Nah, that would be too professional and I don't want to fool anyone into thinking I am a serious writer!

  Perhaps I should be more patriotic and parochial and use Australian images or neutral photos? I feel a fraud using stock photos. What do you think?

 I suppose it just proves that while the digits on the calendars change, humans stay the same and most of us are no different in January 2015 to what we were in December 2014. I'm still procrastinating and plodding along. So be it.

 It is a little over a month until I head off to New Zealand, my fourth trip to the Shaky Isles where I will be doing a bit of tramping and a bit of sight-seeing down south. I have been doing a little riding on my bike to get fit but I am still a fair way from where I want to be so some more rugged training may be called for before I go.

 I will be taking the time to do a hike called "The Grand Traverse", a six day walk which combines the Greenstone and Routeburn Tracks and I am looking forward to it. There will be a whole new round of photographs to bore my friends silly with and supply me with inspiration for blog posts which few will be interested in or read. I have also purchased a Go-Pro camera and a chest harness on which to wear it so I may find some mighty fine vistas to film and for you all to enjoy.

 There has been a lot happen in the world in the first couple of weeks of this year and I have at times been compelled to write about it. In fact I wrote a rather long post about the events in France recently and never published it. I figure adding my anonymous voice to the chorus contributes nothing to the debate. I am sure there will be other times I will find it impossible to hold my fire.

 So, we are off and racing and settling in to 2015. I hope all is well and firing on all cylinders for all those reading this and I will be back soon with more strange notations and I hope you will all join me.

 Have a great weekend. 

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