Wednesday, 15 April 2015

So. Where to Now?

 My overseas holiday for the year is done and dusted and as the grind of work intensifies and as the reality of my dull, everyday life hits home, I have looked ahead at the horizon and wondered where my next venture should take me.

 Should I do something physical again? Another hike. Perhaps a ride? Or should I try another bus tour? Overseas or Australia? These are the vexing questions which torment me.

 I am off to Brisbane for a week in June which should recharge my batteries but the question still remains. Where should my next holiday be?

I have had a hankering to go back to Ireland but should I venture to Europe again so soon? A trip to the Emerald Isle would have to encapsulate more than just a jaunt around that jolly green land. What should I include on such a trip. Time in Paris and Rome?

 There are of course marvelous places in Australia to see. More than one could hope to view in a lifetime. Kakadu, the Kimberly, Margaret River, Flinders Ranges and more. The Great Ocean Road is a peach and there are plenty of other destinations in our wide brown land that hold interest.

 How about South America? The USA? Asia? I'm open to suggestions.

 Drop me a line if you have some ideas. Who knows where I could end up. Time to start planning.

 I welcome your thoughts. 

 Have a great day.

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