Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Pointless and Strange Notation

 At exactly this moment two years ago I was in a Virgin Atlantic jetliner streaking across Asian skies on my way to Europe. The twenty four months that have elapsed since then have certainly rushed by in a blur. Life has had it's challenges since then and I was feeling a little melancholy so I thought, at the risk of alienating readers who may be sick of my happy snaps of vacations gone by, that I would post a photo of myself at a very significant English landmark which Linda and I visited in 2013. Stonehenge! It's not a bad photo although we nearly didn't make it. Linda wasn't exactly enamored by the thought of seeing the ancient stone circle but as we were passing through nearby Salisbury I thought it would be a shame if she didn't get a glimpse of one of the world's great tourist attractions. So, we ventured forth and found ourselves among the throngs of Chinese tourists taking selfies at the site and as you can see by Linda's photo of me it is very hard to get a shot of yourself without some of those aforementioned oriental interlopers inadvertently photo-bombing your picture.

 Anyone who has been to Stonehenge will probably tell you that it really isn't much to look at. It is situated at the junction of a couple of busy roads and is really one of those must-see places to put on your to-do list simply because it is so famous. I couldn't imagine anyone spending much more than half an hour on the site.

 Of course I have seen Stonehenge before. I visited in 1996 with my mother and sister and have found an ancient snapshot of myself to file on my blog. Here it is:

17 years earlier. A lot thinner. a bit more hair. And managed to keep those pesky Chinese tourists out of range!

 Stonehenge itself hasn't changed of course. It probably looked much the same when the Romans invaded and will look much the same in another two thousand years no doubt. If mankind survives that long.

 There is something comforting I suppose in the notion that Stonehenge will remain the same after our bones have turned to dust. I guess that is why I blog. To leave something tangible of myself behind.

 I have been a bit absorbed in old photos lately. I have a new scanner and have managed to put some old shots of myself  up on Facebook. My FB friends must be getting sick of looking at me as a ten year old but what is Facebook for if not to document a bit about yourself?  No-one has yet unfriended me as a result of my narcissistic tendency to display myself so they mustn't mind.

 So, two years on from my tour of Europe, the search is on for another adventure for, after-all, life is for living.....and documenting. But I don't think I will be going to Stonehenge again!

 Bye for now.

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