Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I'm Still Here!

 Hello. Anyone who has read this blog as it is posted on Facebook would be aware that there has been little to no activity on this site for some time. I have no intention of quitting my writing ("darn it!", I hear some of you sigh!) but life has been a little less laborious than usual over the last several months and the inclination and ability to write has drained away somewhat. I just can't get into the groove!

 I have had quite a bit going on in my life lately and plenty of things more important to think about than what I may write in a blog post. However, one of the keys to writing, as many writing teachers will have you believe is, when confronted by writers block, to try to write for at least fifteen minutes a day. Thus, I am plodding down these few lines to try and get my purpose and creativity back in check.

 Some of you will know but most don't that my partner Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in the year, not long after we returned from our fantastic trip to New Zealand which certainly brought a wet curtain down upon us. Obviously there was a great deal of shock and a little bit of fear upon hearing such news and that was only from my point of view! I can only wonder what really goes through the mind of a victim of this insidious disease when they are told they have it as Linda has been incredibly brave and stoic in the face of the enemy and the very invasive procedures which she has endured.

 She is a little over halfway through her chemotherapy treatment and is having the "big guns" injected every three weeks as the cancer is very aggressive but her prognosis is good and the very impressive doctors and nurses who are caring for her and executing her treatment are all very confident in their abilities and are sure the end result will be positive.

 A loved one being diagnosed with cancer is certainly a useful way of giving you a shake (not that I would recommend it!) and making you realize that things which may get you wrapped up in a knot in your day to day life may not in fact be so important. The significance of work has faded away, not that I have ever placed any great succor in my place in the pecking order but when I see our new managers spending up to eighteen hours a day in place, presumably trying to impress their superiors, I can only wonder why they have such shallow lives. The job they do simply isn't so critical.

 All that being said, as far as can be expected life is fairly normal and we are doing quite well all things considered. It does seem like we are in a holding pattern, waiting for Linda's treatment to finish but as her doctor told us, there will be an end point and a normal life again beyond that. Things should be starting to get back on an even keel by the end of the year.

 I must say I have enjoyed my little stint on my blog. Who knows, perhaps I shall be gripped by creative fever once more and regular updates may follow. Who knows what the future will bring?

 Live strong and live well. Until next time.

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